5 Ways an Online Press Release Can Help Your Small Business

One of the strategies we utilize in our 4 step process of getting websites ranked and getting more customers from those websites is Press Releases.

I found a really helpful article today about 5 ways an Online Press Release Can Help Your Small Business

Marketers have a lot of different opinions about press releases and how best to leverage their potential, but the fact is that they remain one of the best ways to get the word about your company out. In fact, press releases in the age of the internet come with several built-in benefits:

1. Increase Website Traffic

This one should be a no-brainer. Be sure to include a link to your homepage within the article, and people who read your release will click to get more information about your company, your product, and your news. Since online press releases are often picked up by a large variety of websites and news aggregators, press releases can end up driving a large number of potential customers to your website.

2. Build Brand Credibility

By releasing a well-written, newsworthy release, you can help build the credibility of your business as an expert in the field. Customers and media personnel will remember your authority and will return to you when they need the product or services you provide.

3. Get Inexpensive Publicity

For the amount of publicity gained from an online press release, the cost is relatively small. There are many free distribution services, and even the ones that cost are generally very affordable. Take a newsworthy angle on things that are already happening with your company: product launches, new websites, sales, contests, etc. and you have an excellent opportunity to spread the word about your business with minimal effort and expense.

4. Establish Internet Presence

The more published information about your company that is available on the internet, the more people will be aware of your company. The amount of exposure you receive from a press release is dependent on how well written it is and where you publish it.

5. Rank in Search Engines

Optimize your press release for the search engines by including several well-placed, targeted backlinks to your website. Search engines will use these links and keywords as indicators of your website’s authority on a subject so when your customers are searching for these terms they will be directed to your business.

One major benefit of press releases is that their impact can be directly measured by the number of headline impressions and clicks your release receives. Depending on which distribution service you choose, you can also target your release to specific markets and industries, increasing the chances that the right people will see it.

While online press releases will not replace other methods of marketing, they should be used as part of a well-thought-out internet campaign to drive more visitors to your site and increase revenue.

About the Author:

Preston Seifer is a marketing professional who lives in Salt Lake City. He has been helping small businesses establish their online presence using content marketing strategies for over five years.

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A press release really can help your business grow in the Search Engines, get more publicity as you might get exposure through the local news outlets, and more content out there about your business means more people visiting your site which means more customers for you business.

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