Boost Ad Buries Google Places 7 Pack Listing

As I’ve said many times.  Google Places is the most important thing for a Small Business to do when it comes to marketing their business online today.

I am constantly looking at the best practices when it comes to getting your place page ranked and getting more traffic to it.

I just found this post about how using Google Boost can make your “7 Pack” listing disappear.

Here’s the article:

The recently named Boost Adwords Express has more than a few oddities that might not make it the ideal SMB advertising tool. But this one is a show stopper: If business places an Adwords Express ad for a category for which they have a A position, their natural A position local listing will be removed from the main search results 7-Pack.

Last week Local SEO David Mihm sent me this note:

“I had an interesting prospective client email. His Place Page was not showing ANYWHERE when I first looked at some prominent keywords for his business. The client swore he was ranking #1 for a couple of key phrases prior to emailing me. He had been advertising on Adwords Express. He shut it off and IMMEDIATELY it went back to letter A for a generic phrase when I checked again.”

My Google local adwords rep called me later in the week and, in a totally unrelated context, said:

“If they are in the top position of Places – an Adwords Express Ad will cause the Places listing to not show”

He went on to sensibly recommend that a business NOT use a category from their Places page for which they were doing well and to use one of the other categories. Makes sense.

It has long been thought that taking out an Adwords campaign would not affect your ranking on Google search. In fact we have long been under the impression that there was a firewall of sort between the two results. This clearly calls that long held belief into question, at least in the Local space.

The original article can be found by clicking here.  This blog is my “go to” blog when looking at Google Places research

I remember Google saying that PPC doesn’t effect the normal listings at all.  This shows otherwise.


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