Case Study #1 – Getting to the #1 Spot on Google

In this Case Study I video I reveal the simple strategy we used to get this website to the top of Google.

When we first started working with this church they made one of the big mistakes I see a lot of businesses make.

Their website was all about them!

You might ask the question, isn’t that what their website should be about?

And my answer is yes, and no.

Your website needs to first be about your customer, the person searching for whatever your business does.

Then it needs to answer the question that person is asking.

In this Case Study, I realized they needed to start at the beginning of our 4 step process: Market Research.

We needed to find out exactly what people were searching for and make the website relevant to that.

Turns out people would go type in “Church in Albuquerque” and more specifically “Non Denominational Church in Albuquerque”

Once we discovered that we moved on to our second step in our process and made the site relevant to that specific search.

What we did was add those keywords to the “Title Tag.”  The title tag is the blue link that shows up in Google.  It’s one of the most important places you need your keywords if you want your website to be found at the top of Google.

When we did this, the site literally jumped up 50 spots overnight!

So what does this mean for you?

If you are a plumber.  Your website shouldn’t be about Joe Plumber.  It should be about what your customers are searching for “Plumber in Honolulu”

And it needs to say that keyword in your Title Tag, Description and an H1 Tag on your website.

Once we finished the On Site Optimization we started the promotional aspect of our process and moved this site from the #250 spot to #1

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