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Recently, a software company specializing in video tools and video imaging software for home computers, did a survey of approximately 1200 businesses to see what they were doing to track the “traffic” or amount of people visiting their website. Amazingly, some of the businesses polled didn’t even have a website. Even more shocking was the fact that of the businesses that had websites, a significant number of those websites didn’t track where the traffic to their website was coming from. 75% of the businesses that had websites were not tracking traffic to their website. The reason these numbers were especially shocking is because there are tools out there on the world wide web that will allow you to analyze your website for free!

Tracking traffic to your website can be a very helpful tool when trying to build a successful business or compound the success your business is already experiencing. This analytic data for your site are important because it’s like getting in the mind of your customer. These free tools analyze your site and let you know where your customers are coming from, what they typed in the search engines to find you, how long they stayed on your site and what pages they looked at. This can be an invaluable tool since it is much easier to sell someone something if you know exactly what they want to buy.

When you know the exact phrases people are typing in to find your page, the next thing you can figure out is where your page is ranking in the search engines and the percentage of people that are visiting your page based on that ranking or what is known as your distribution of clicks. Your ranking in the search engines becomes very important because statistically, the closer you are to the top of the first page in the search engines, the more traffic you’ll get. So if you’re on the bottom of the first page and you’re getting 16 views in a month on a 2% click-through rate, you could dramatically increase the amount of clicks you get if you were to move up to the number one or two spot which might be clicked 30-50% of the time. That is a huge difference in traffic. Again, the analytic data can show you the exact percentage of clicks that your site is getting based on specific key words.

You can improve the way you do business by tracking your website traffic with a free tool like Google Analytics and using that information to give your customers exactly what they want. It’s like mind reading for your business. Improve your website based on what your customers are looking for and increase the amount of traffic to your website through Search Engine Optimization, or SEO Marketing, and you will see a dramatic improvement in your business.

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