What’s the Most Important Thing A Business Should Do To Be Found Online?

In the interview I did with the Star Advertiser this was the first question they asked me:

What’s the Most Important Thing A Business Should Do To Be Found Online?

And this was my answer:

The most important thing a business needs to do right now is set up their Google Places account. Google recently created a site for every business they know of and began to show those sites above all their other search results. The problem is 95 percent of those sites haven’t been claimed, according to Google. If you’ve ever typed something into Google and noticed a map and some business names and phone numbers, you’re seeing those sites. All you need to do is go to http://www.Google.com/places to claim, or verify, your business account.

To get that site to the first page of Google you’ll want to add as much information as possible. Here are some suggestions:

» Business categories

» 10 pictures

» 5 videos

» Reviews from happy customers

The entire site should be optimized around the terms that are searched the most by potential customers.

What I wanted to do was spend some time getting more in depth and add a little “how to” with my answer.

The first thing you need to do is go to Google Places and add your business information.  It’s really important that you add the same info in your Google Places account as you do on your website.

That means the “Title” on your website should be the “Title” or “Business Name” in Google Places.

Then the “Description” on your website should be the same “Description” in your Google Places.

Google Results for Jiu JItsu Honolulu

In this example the regular Google listing is shown on the top and the Google places listing is shown on the bottom.

If you look real close you’ll notice that the same Title & Description are used in both places.

This isn’t by accident.

When I designed the site and was adding the info in his Google Places page I made sure they were both the same.

I do this because Google will sometimes combine your website info with the Google Places info.  It’s called a “Combined Listing.”

To help Google out if they decide to do a combined listing for this keyword I want to make sure both are the same so they know they can combine them.

If you don’t know how to do this talk to your website person (or hire me and I can do it for you! wink wink).

The next thing you want to do is make sure the same Address and Phone Number used in your Google Place page is found somewhere in “text” on your website.  Google can’t read what is in an image.  So you need to make sure you have typed the same address you used in Google Places on your website.

I personally use the footer of this website as a place to add the address to our business.

I also have the same phone number in the footer.

In SEO speak this is called “NAP” or Name, Address and Phone Number.

You always want to use the same NAP in every business listing you put out there anywhere in the interwebs.

Getting Your Site Found Online

If you have done these foundational things you are probably way ahead of your competitors.

Now here’s the big thing.  That’s right the BIG THING!

Just because you create a website and a Google Place page is doesn’t mean anyone is going to visit your site!

The old saying…”If you build it they will come.” Isn’t true in this internet age.

We have created a 4 step system to getting any web site to the first page of Google.  It’s called the Online Marketing Blueprint.  You would never build a house without a blueprint and you should never create a website without a blueprint.

Here’s the 4 Steps:

  1. Market Research
  2. Site Creation
  3. Site Promotion
  4. Conversion

Market Research

To be found online you first need to find out what people are searching for in your industry.  Do people search for “Chiropractor in Timbuktu” or do they search for “Get Rid of Back Pain in Timbuktu?”
If you’re going to get your website to the #1 spot on Google for your keyword you want to make sure you’re getting it to the #1 spot for what people are actually typing into Google.

Site Creation

Then you create a site around the keywords you found in the previous step.  And here’s the hard thing for most businesses.  IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU!

Your site isn’t about you, it’s about how you can solve your customer’s problem.  It’s great that you’re certified and have an entire alphabet after your name…now can you make my pain go away?

Keep in mind that everyone’s favorite radio station is WII FM or “What’s In It For Me?”

When someone visits your site make sure they get their problem solved!

Site Promotion

Site Promotion is the main ingredient that most businesses neglect.  A site doesn’t exist on the internet until another website out there links to it.

When it comes to getting your website to that #1 Spot on Google the site with the strongest and highest amount of links wins.

So if you’ve built your site around the proper questions people are asking then you need to get out there and promote your site with the proper links pointing back to your site.

For example, I want my site to rank high for the search term SEO Hawaii.

Did you notice that SEO Hawaii is a blue color?  That’s what we call an anchor text link.  The link is pointing to the website I want to be ranked high for that keyword.  That is basically a vote in the eyes of Google that the website that link is pointing to is about “SEO Hawaii”

The more sites I have out there linking to that website with that anchor text the better chance I have to be on the first page of Google when someone searches for that.

In our system we spend most of our time in this area.

We write articles and send them out to all of the article sites.  We create videos and send them out to all of the video sites.  We write blog posts on all the different blog sites.  We create Web 2.0 properties and create content about the keyword.

And we do it over, and over, and over, and over again until you are ranked for that keyword.


Now that you have completed the first 3 steps of our system and are starting to get some people visiting your web site.  How many of them are actually taking the action you want them to take?

For example, at the time of writing this article we are running a Daily Webinar on how to grow your business using Social Media.

157 people have seen the add for that webinar and 10 people have clicked on it.

That’s a 6.36% click through rate.

Of those 10 people that clicked on the graphic to sign up for the webinar only 2 people signed up for the webinar.

That means the webinar sign up page is converting at 20%.

Now lets do the math for the total number of visitors to signing up for the webinar…

157 Visitors to our website and only 2 signed up for the Webinar.  That’s a whopping 1.27% webinar sign up rate.

Now why does this matter?

If I know that for every 100 people that watch the Webinar I will make an average of $2000.  I know exactly what I am willing to pay to get 1 visitor to my site.

So here’s the basic math.

Let’s just say for every 100 visitors to my website I will get 1 webinar sign up.  To make $2000 I need to get 100 people to watch the webinar.  So I know I need to get 1000 people to my website.  From those 1000 people I will make $2000.  So each visitor is worth $2.

So all I need to do is pay less than $2 to get a visitor to my site and I am making profit!

For me, I want people to sign up for the Webinar.

You might just want them to call you on the phone.  So how many people visit your website a day?  And how many of those people call you?  And how much is one call worth?

You can actually significantly increase the amount of calls you get by changing the location of the phone number on your web page.  Then you can change the color of the graphic of that phone number and increase the amount of calls again.

This is why understanding your numbers and the rate of conversion is so important.

So that’s our 4 step system.

Find what people are searching for, build a website around those search terms, promote that website and then test and track your conversions.

Hope that helps you!

If you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comment section below.


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